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9 Steps to Get Curly Hair Overnight

Oct 8, 2018
9 Steps to Get Curly Hair Overnight

There are lots of women all over the world with straight hair that are big fans of curly hairslyles. We've got an easy curling method for those on the look out for a way to make their hair curly overnight at home.

Things You Will Need:
Just a good curling mousse to keep the hair curls in place and a hair band.

How To Get Curly Hair Overnight?


Slightly damp your hair

Slightly damp your hair and comb it to remove all the tangles with a wide toothed comb.



Take a thin headband or make your own that looks something like this.


headband for hair

Tie the band on your forehead in this way.


side band for hair

From one side of your head, near your ear, take a section of hair below the band in this way.


wrapped hair

Without making tangles, wrap it in the band carefully and tightly. Pull the entire wrapped hair downwards carefully and comb if necessary.


beside hair section

Take another hair section just beside the previous hair section you took and wrap it into the band again without making tangles, pulling it downwards again.

curly hair band


wrap the hair

Take next section of your hair and repeat the above procedure carefully. This is how it looks. This is an image showing it done half way. Complete it on the other half too.

If you have shoulder length hair, then it will be relatively easier to do this. But if you have long hair then you'll need to wrap more number of times. If you have longer hair than this, then it can be slightly more difficult because you have to find a place to wrap the hair.


Spray a good hair mousse. Having a good hair curling iron/ product is necessary! Otherwise your hair will straighten out the minute you comb it.


wrapping hair

This is how it looks when you complete the wrapping.

wrap into the band

This is the front view. 

Do this procedure before dinner and leave it overnight so that you get much time to leave like this.

Final Look:

night paid off

This is how your hair looks when you open it in the morning. 

curls just near hair

If you want your curls just near the tips, then this is definitely the best method. If you want curls for the entire hair, then you have to roll your hair closer to the roots too.