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All You Need to Know about Facial Cleansing Brushes

Dec 8, 2018
All You Need to Know about Facial Cleansing Brushes

Facial Cleansing Brushes are the new invention of the world of beauty. Before this innovation our face cleansing routine included our palms and a face wash or scrub. But this new bathroom staple has leveled up our daily facial regime.

Cleansing brushes with rotating bristled heads will help your skin absorb skin-care serums and creams more effectively while polishing your skin. Here is everything you need to know about facial cleansing brushes and how you can enlist this product as part of your beauty routine.

What is a facial cleansing system?

Somewhere at the turn of the decade, the skin care routine was reinvented with the birth of the face cleansing brush. What it is exactly is a handheld battery operated device with bristles that are used to brush the face with a cleansing wash and adjustable speed.

How does a facial cleansing system benefit one's skin?

This device lends the user's skin a number of advantages. Firstly, its adjustable brush pads and speeds allow the user to customize their exfoliation from softer bristles to a slower speed.

Secondly, it allows one to use the face wash of their choice with the brush so this could be the recommended product or one's own, if they have sensitive skin.

Third, since the device doesn't involve the use of the palms and fingers, it is easy to sterilize and infinitely more hygienic.

Fourth, it is portable enough to stash in one's bag when travelling.

Fifth and most importantly, the pressure of a face cleansing brush is more than what one's fingers provide without being too abrasive. Hence, it goes deeper within the skin to clear out grime and clogged pores effectively.

Is a facial cleansing brush good for my skin?

Like shoes and types of wine, skin care too doesn't fall in the 'one size fits all' bracket. This is because the various types of skin react very differently to the options available. Hence, with the facial cleansing brush too, it is best to assess your skin and the level of exfoliation it needs before purchasing it. The device works best for oily, normal and acne-prone skin which needs deep cleansing from within to be so that it can be effectively treated from the outside. It can be used on a weekly basis or is dependent on how often it is needed.

What should I look for before purchasing a facial cleansing system?

Before taking the plunge, there are few pointers to keep in mind. One, ensure that the brush head is detachable so that it can be replaced after a few months to avoid bacterial breeding. Second, find out how the device you are choosing works with a separate face wash for it to ideally fit into your routine. Thirdly, make sure the device is waterproof or water resistant. Since you'll be spending most of your time using it around a sink or in the shower, it should be able to withstand the moisture and keep your face silky smooth!